Cute boy sleeps and doesn’t mind in gay sleep creep

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There is something so hot about hot gay sleep creep and it is probably the fact that these cute boys are so vulnerable when they sleep and you know that the guys that give them rough time can do whatever they want with them. Check out this great sleep creep scene and see how one very handsome sleeping beauty gets his body fondled with and his cock worked by this kinky guy who loves to creep up on sleeping guys and have his way with them. This scene really is something special.

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Hard cock in the face of the sleep creep victim

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There is nothing as hot as a great sleep creep scene and this one is more than great. It is mind-blowing. It features a very pretty young dude who fell asleep at the wrong place and at the wrong time and a sleep creep who has made his life’s work to put his cock in as many sleeping guys’s faces as possible. And this time he hit a jackpot. I mean, this guy is so cute and so beautiful that all he really needs is that hard cock in his face, slapping around his nose and his full lips.

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Plowing away at that sleeping beauty in hot gay creep action

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This cute guy went to sleep without even dreaming (hah dreaming) that he might fall victim to sleep creep action that his best friend gave him. He always sleeps in the nude and this time was no different. In the middle of the night he felt too hot and he uncovered his cute, creamy butt. And that is when his naught buddy decided that it is time for some hot sleep creep fun and games. He took his clothes off, checking out that hot ass and planning his approach. What happened after, you will have to see for yourself.

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Black sleep creep sucking white cock

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After fucking the white boys tight ass and busting his nut deep inside of him, the black sleep creep pulls out and then puts the lads boxer pants back on. Still feeling a little bit horny he then slips the boys white cock out from his pants and pops it into his black mouth. Slowly sucking on the soft penis his lips wrap around the cock, as it pushes back and forth inside his mouth. The dirty black sleep creep’s excitement grows as the cock gets thicker and thicker and he knows that it wont be long before he gets to taste the silky white cum, which will spurt from the tip of this hung, white boys cock.

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Gay sleep creep sucking a hude cock

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The room service man knocks on the door then enters. His job is to fix the beds in the morning at this upmarket hotel. He normally steals loose change and things laying about the room unattended, but today is his lucky day. Still sleeping fast in the bed in a young man that looks very cute to this sleep creep. Silently walking over to him, he spies that the boy’s cock has slipped out of his trunks and he just has to taste it. Fresh teen cock is a wonderful thing to an older male sleep creep and if his cock tastes this great he thinks to himself, he wonders how great his own cock will feel inside this sleeping boys asshole.

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